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                              **twinned with, with many thanks for letting me sharing their photo**

I became an adult, long time ago, surrounded by tomato plants, since when I was a kid, with my parents taking great care of them.   

And I then spent years looking for the same smell, the same taste I was used and that, sadly, it is so difficult to find these days.

I then made of this research a real passion and I've spent ( and still I do) a big amount of my time finding heritage tomato varieties, the real thing, what brings to me memories in my heart and flavour on my table.

After that I finally decided to share this luck and the result of my hard work with everyone that wants to try the same emotions, discovering a piece of history, a piece of our past and traditions plus the added value to preserve something that is on high risk to disappear forever. 

A bit because they hard to find, a bit because old, traditional varieties are risking to be lost forever because people are very busy and they buy bags of seeds ( that are selected to grow all together, ripe all together, taste all the same...) instead of growing the real thing, it is an art that people do not remember!

All the seeds are NOT GMO but just what we were used to grow and eat 100 or even 500 of year ago. 

I hope you will appreciate my years of research and I am absolutely sure that your garden will have a special light ( and parfume ) this new season